Fiji: Bula! A visit to Dream Island in South Pacific

Fiji, one of the biggest city in the South Pacific is one of the world’s most unspoiled beach destinations, with the friendliest people; it won’t disappoint paradise seekers!

Port Moresby: The Land of Unexpected’s Capital

Port Moresby, the land of unexpected's capital of Papua New Guinea is regarded as one of the world's most unliveable places on earth but beneath the surface is the charming and kind-hearted locals

In Pictures: My Village Life

Who doesn't love to be home? Especially, when you have a wonderful family back home such as your parents as well as others you haven't seen for a long time.

Enjoying the Ultimate Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida.

The city of Orlando, Florida is filled with theme parks is obviously a big drawcard for visitors. But there's much more to Orlando than thrill rides and costumed characters.

My Ultimate Visit to Washington DC’s Landmarks and Museums

America's capital is a vibrant and charming district but once you land there, you feel the sense of history and power. However, there is so much interesting sight to see and explore.

Discovering Venice on a free walking tour

The Italian city of Venice is a city like no other, rising from the waters of Venice Lagoon. Many come to admire this great city and if your kind, it will provide you with profound beauty. Follow us through the historic streets – and canals – and see why Venice should be firmly on your bucket list!

Spending little time in remote school in Inuma Village

Children living in remote areas are no stranger to learning in difficult and under-resource environments. However, the greatest gift of all - They are happy.

Why Las Vegas is My Number 1 Spot in America

EXPERIENCE ___________________________________ Las Vegas The best thing about visiting this location is its attractions. Posted by akamau Las Vegas in brief Springing up from the Mojave desert like an oasis is the city of Las Vegas, situated in the western state of Nevada. This famous city, renowned for its vibrant lifestyle has its residents and visitors enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year.  Las Vegas, widely known as “Sin City” is famous for its gambling …

Visiting Rome’s Heart of Art and History

Rome’s attractions date me back to Historical Ancient Times After spending an adventurous week in Paris, it was time to visit one of the greatest city in Europe – Rome. This city is one of the most beautiful cities not just in Europe but probably the entire world. A city packed with thousands of years of art and ancient history, tempting shopping arcades to endless list of attractions. The city of Rome with an irresistible …

Appreciating London’s most populous attractions

Experiencing the variety of London’s Attractions Away and across from the familiar world that I grow up with, I am sitting at a busy local cafe right in the main hub of Trafalgar Square in central London, enjoying a cup of coffee and a thick filled chocolate muffin, saying to myself, “Isn’t this gorgeous?” As I set there listening to the sound and voices of people around me, while watching people from all over the …