Luncheon above the Tree-Tops at Thala Lodge

Thala Lodge, tucked away on a secluded private reserve headland is no ordinary venue for fine dining and lunch. Just 45 minutes drive north of

Homelessness: Look-Around-US

Discussing about Poverty and Homelessness in Manhattan Cafe, New York Homelessness… is neither a diseases nor crime.. but a very serious problem – Timothy Pina.

God’s Waiting Room

Our residents do not live in our workplace, we work in their home. The experience of visiting a nursing home was something that I never

A Passion of colourful Celebration

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Independence Day Celebration in Cairns – 2017 The celebration of Independence Day have become part of a major event in many

Cruising the Caribbean Islands on “Allure of the Seas”

You’re not just paying for the trip, You’re paying for an experience and a lifetime of memories Every experience is worth it. It is irreplaceable

Cruising the Hawaiian Islands on “Pride of America”

EXPERIENCE ___________________________________ HAWAIIAN ISLANDS The best thing about cruising Hawaiian islands is, you get to discover the best of exotic and incredible places.  Posted by