Living the Life in Australia. What a Life!!

A Better, Free Life in Australia Australia, home to world famous iconic man-made buildings, the Opera house and the Sydney Harbour bridge is one of

Taking time Out Camping at Davis Creek

Winter Camping: Davis Creek National Park and Dinden National Park Living in Far North Queensland is a tropical paradise. With endless camping sites from beach

Taking time-out for Grieving Friends

By akamau

Jungle Train Ride through the Rainforest

Take a journey onboard the Kuranda Scenic Train along the windy track, through rainforest and across spectacular waterfalls with breathtaking views are just beyond.

Celebrating NAIDOC Week

Brief History: Why we celebrate NAIDOC Week? Just recently, I heard few comments from friends and colleagues about what is NAIDOC WEEK. Yes, for many

One of the most beautiful Getaway Camp Site out of Cairns

Why outdoor camping makes you see things differently Getting close to nature at Lake Tinaroo for an overnight stay, gave me a chance to see

My Ultimate Road journey across Europe with Trafalgar

How I enjoyed My Trip Around Europe in less than 30 days After Travelling around Europe on a Coach, I Realised That I Have left

My Road journey across Outback Australia with a Mission

21 years ago, A mission that was worth it. Time do fly: Taking a road trip to Australian outback with a group of youths, with

My Road journey across America with Contiki

Great Southern Journey from L.A to New York Along the way, you get to taste the incredible scenes of USA from cities to deserts plains

My Journey that took me into the world of homelessness across the Globe

Homelessness is a disease, that is epidemic Looking around us whether your in your community, state or somewhere in the world travelling, there are homeless