In Pictures: My Village Life

Who doesn't love to be home? Especially, when you have a wonderful family back home such as your parents as well as others you haven't seen for a long time.

Tasting the Best Wines in Australia

Hunter Valley winery is one of the best wine regions in Australia. Over 150 wineries producing a wide array of exceptional wines is a reflective of how good this wine region is. Come and have a taste.

Forget Air travel: Land travel by train and view the ever-changing scenery

There is something about land travel, especially train, that nothing else can compare to. It is fast and yet still enjoyably slow. It is social and yet private. It is old and yet ultra-modern. And it is so much fun.

Six-Day Road Trip

EXPERIENCE ___________________________________ the great inland way Explore and experience the open-wide road. An outback adventure of a lifetime. Posted by akamau Road trip from Cairns to Sydney Taking this “Great Inland Way” is really a highway like no other. It is one of the Australians most famous highway tourist road route that travels inland from Sydney, New South Wales to Cairns and Cooktown in Queensland. It has been designated by the Queensland Government as a …

Spending little time in remote school in Inuma Village

Children living in remote areas are no stranger to learning in difficult and under-resource environments. However, the greatest gift of all - They are happy.

Living well with Grief

Been brought up by someone else for almost your entire life, it is hard to comprehend when they have gone too soon.

Christmas without loved-one but friends saves

Christmas time is not only the day spent at family gatherings and having a great time but in the Christian world, it means something more unique and deeply meaningful.

Cruising the Trans-Pacific on “Radiance of the Seas”

Taking a long cruise on Radiance of the Seas gives you a taste of what life is like onboard this mega cruise liner. There is so much to do and see.

The street with no name is where my home is…

HOME Go and love someone exactly as they are. And then watch how quickly they transform into the greatest, truest version of themselves. When one feels seen and appreciated in their own essence, one is instantly empowered – Wes Angelozzi. People without a home People without home is not a recent dilemma. It is one of the major problems faced by many countries globally and it is continuing to grow. I have documented many people …

Savouring the Best of PNG Independence Day in Cairns

A colourful day of celebration to remember Independence Day One of my favourite things about travel photography is not only you enjoy and appreciate the beauty around you but actually you get to meet people in person from all walks of life.  Here in Cairns, I had a great opportunity to capture some of the celebration moments of Papua New Guinea (PNG) Independence Day. Papua New Guinea is a country not only embrace the bird …