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Port Moresby: The Land of Unexpected’s Capital

Port Moresby, the land of unexpected's capital of Papua New Guinea is regarded as one of the world's most unliveable places on earth but beneath

In Pictures: My Village Life

Who doesn't love to be home? Especially, when you have a wonderful family back home such as your parents as well as others you haven't

Spending little time in remote school in Inuma Village

Children living in remote areas are no stranger to learning in difficult and under-resource environments. However, the greatest gift of all - They are happy.

Best of island time in Island Paradise Vanuatu

Island in Paradise Vanuatu, an island paradise that lies in the South Pacific Ocean is just a short flight away from Australia and New Zealand.

Cook Islands: My favourite place in South Pacific Ocean

My Ultimate Cook Islands Experience My time on this tiny island in this Pacific Ocean, I must say, it was, The Best Time of my

Mo’orea shows me the hidden world

Hidden Pristine world of Mo’orea This tiny island Mo’orea hidden in the Pacific Oceans is truly a pristine and untouched world away from the rest

4×4 Jeep Riding in Bora Bora

Bora-Bora: Sun, Sand and Sea is the Life Why it is everyone’s dream to come to this Island in French Polynesia. Bora Bora Bora Bora

My ultimate way to discovering the Best of Tahiti

This tiny island of Tahiti is best known for its breathtaking emerald lagoons and world-renowned for its Polynesian charm. This really makes Tahiti one of