The city of Newcastle, has come a long way since its coal industry beginnings. Newcastle’s transformation began when the steel mills closed in the late 1990s and the city’s surf culture came to the fore. 

The city with a view that is breathtaking

The city of Newcastle, located 160 kilometres north-northeast of Sydney, at the mouth of the Hunter River is about two and half hours drive north of Sydney. It is the predominant city within the Hunter Region. Famous for its coal, Newcastle is the largest coal exporting harbour in the world. 

Mega cargo ships

Newcastle, being the second largest city in New South Wales has come a long way since its coal industry beginnings. Newcastle’s transformation began when the steel mills closed in the late 1990s and the city’s surf culture came to the fore. With its gentrified harbour and beautiful beaches, it is no surprise that most activities in Newcastle centre on the water. A trek along a narrow longshore drift to the landmark Nobby’s Lighthouse offers expansive views of the sea. The city is also home to the Mereweather Baths, advertised as the largest ocean-water swimming pools in the Southern Hemisphere.

City area

View of Newcastle city from one side
View of Nobby's Lighthouse and beach from other side

With beautiful beaches and stunning coastlines, Newcastle boasts one of the most scenic coastline in the world. It lets its visitors to this city knowing that they are entering someplace special from the moment of arrival. The city’s architectural gems are nothing short of astonishing. One of the city’s landmark building is the Christ Church Cathedral located right in the heart of the city’s CBD area. 

Coastlines and buildings

Christ Church Cathedral

Yes, it is perfectly possible to spend an entire vacation in Newcastle without running out of things to see and do, but there is an abundance of sights and attractions to enjoy within a short drive from the city as well. Day trips from Newcastle offer visitors the chance to sample the best of Australia, from lush green parks and vineyards to wide stretches of sun-kissed sand.

One of my favourite places in the city of Newcastle is taking a stroll along the beachfront while enjoying some of the fine-dining places right on the edge of the water with the 360′ view of the coastline. There is one place that I cannot leave Newcastle city without setting my foot on is the Newcastle Memorial Walk which was constructed to commemorate the centenary of ANZAC. With its striking 360′ view of the city and coast, provides a spectacular connection to Newcastle’s Bathers Way. The views from this jaw-dropping cliffs, coastline and the city as you walk along this cliff top stairway is incredibly breathtaking

Newcastle Memorial Walk

From Personal Perspective: Newcastle is definitely a city with breathtaking views. As we continue to travel, we share our travel experiences with friends and families. It is something that we learn without been aware of it. Yes, travelling is all about sharing experiences.

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