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Christmas ???

It is my 30 years Christmas in Australia, almost 10 years without the person that has changed my life and this will be the first year without having visitors from back home. This doesn’t mean my celebrations won’t continue, it just means adapting to a new way of celebrating the season without family, friends and loved ones.

Australia is a country with many different faiths, however Christmas is still widely celebrated everywhere across the country whether they’re believer or not in what it stands for. It is a time for family gatherings around the table and opening those anticipated presents.

It is a bit strange as I walk into shopping centres and hear Christmas carols over the loudspeaker or shopping complex PA system and I still don’t feel the vibe of the festive season. It doesn’t gives me an urge to buy a present for someone nor either me receiving one. 

For weeks now, the stores have been filled with huge range of Christmas trees and decorations and I haven’t had any second thought of decorating my home, not even my favourite decorations displayed. I must say, it is a much simpler affair with a bottle of whisky instead.

My top-Shelf Goodies for Christmas

Right now, here in Cairns, the weather is warm, humid, drizzling down with showers with average temperatures are around 30 degrees. We are heading towards the peak of the wet season but we are already having the early wet season now (I think). It is not a great weather for outdoor parties and BBQs.

Wet Cairns on Christmas day

My Christmas eve was quietly spent at home watching DVD’s and relaxing with my beautiful dog “Mindi” running around the lounge chasing each other. To others it may feel strange but to me, it was a very joyous moment to me and many more to come.


My Christmas day morning was spent catching up with family and friends over the phone before heading to my friend’s place for Christmas lunch where I spend the day there. Yes, I was looking forward to a great lunch and the day was to be spent in the pool or relaxing with a good book.

John and Jenni have always been good host to me over the years. John has always been the cook among them and he always puts his heart into a meal. It was going to be entertaining but there will be no crackers, presents, funny jokes or even wearing a silly hat. We will have good old records playing at the same time having the benefit of great views and ocean breezes. 

Started off with Kilpatrick and prawns on lettuce with home-made cream sauce
Home-made Asparagus soup
Rack of Lamb Roasted with roasted mix vegetables

Once the Christmas is done and dusted, Yes, I will be start looking forward to New Year’s Eve. That’s when the city of Cairns really comes alive and even in our sleepy neighbourhoods , the streets are humming with excitement. Most bars and restaurants are flooded with patrons, celebrating with live musics on every corner. The fireworks are amazing and by mid-night, the skies are lit up with colour and the esplanade is crowded with expats, locals and tourists all joining together to ring in the New Year.

Editor’s Note: Whether you want to kick back on the esplanade in Cairns or Asia or white Christmas and New Year in North America, you will find the ultimate guide to travelling well in each of these breathtaking and beautiful destinations right here – and what’s more.

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