Miami: Enjoying this dream destination

Miami, Florida is a dream destination that everybody loves to visit. Miami, a sub-tropical city is located in the southeastern Florida off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a population of over 6 million people in the Miami metropolitan area and has the largest Latin American population outside of Latin America. Though Miami is nicknamed the “Capital of Latin-America” but it is also known as the “Cruise Capital of the World”. Miami has the major port that manages some of the world’s largest number of passenger cruise ships.

Miami is undoubtedly an exciting and one of the most vivacious cities in the USA. It is best known for its Latin culture and world famous sizzling vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches and beautiful people. Within easy short distance drive takes you to various surreal swamps, abundant wildlife and many lovely tropical islands and keys. With all its trendy nightlife, beaches and world class hotels, I can see why Miami attracts tourists from all over the planet. It is definitely a melting pot of ethnic cultures with its wide array of exciting attractions and activities and offers something for everyone. No wonder, it is one of the world’s most popular holiday destination hot spots. I am so excited and so thrilled to be here in Miami to explore this dream destination all alone.  

As we descend into Miami airport from New York, we flew over Biscayne Bay and I could spot the wonderful beaches that attract nearly 14 million visitors each year – Yes, welcome to Miami. With minor delays through airport security system, I caught a taxi to my hotel in South Beach Miami where I had a week to explore this city that I heard so much positive feedback through social media -Trip-advisor, friends and tourists that I have come in contact with through social network. I was to have a treat-of-a-lifetime in this dream destination that everyone loves to visit.

South Beach Miami 

South Beach located within Miami Beach is a hot spot for both day or night. It is called the American Riviera and an Art Deco Playground but there is more to this than just known for its fine white sandy beach and colourful buildings. This place offers unbelievably a vibrant mix of world-class galleries, boutiques to designer and speciality stores. At the same time, it is a dining hot spot for everything from gourmet to casual beachside cuisine. By night time, this place becomes alive with crowds both tourists and locals ready to go out and have a world-class evening out. This place cannot be over-looked by visitors who come here to this destination. With its world-class partying hotspot, this destination is more notable and perhaps, more memorable then the night life. 

The first day to every destination I visit is always spent exclusively on my well-being – that is where I tend to relax, research and net-work with other guests by the pool-side and locals. Enquiring on What to do, what to see, where to dine and shop, get around and stay safe.

Getting around

 Moving around in South Beach is so much easy and it is all yours to explore this city on either the local shuttle bus, foot or rent-a-car. The local bus fares are only 25 cents per trip, running every 13-30 minutes. To go beyond South Beach, there are wide array of Metro-bus routes that serve the length of Miami Beach and takes you to popular oceanside destinations like Bal Harbour, Haulover Beach and Sunny Isles. The fares are not expensive and it only cost $2.25 per trip. 

The next day, I slowly awaken to Miami way of life and took a strolled along the main street and the main beach on foot, noting that this palm-tree lined city is amazingly stunning with sunny beaches that ranged from family resorts to party scenes that offer everything from sunbathing and water sports to shopping, dining and entertainment.  

Miami is more than just visiting a single destination, with its incredible array of tourist attractions, it gave me a great opportunity, not only to admire and enjoy the attractions but to explore some of the following attractions which have been my favourite list-to-do that I visited and spent my excellent days with enjoyment that I have done. 

Tour Buses

Making use of the local transportation which was easily accessible, convenient and cheap, I used that as my main form of transport. On couple of occasion, I went on two different coaches for sightseeing and tours and a boat cruise around Miami seeing it from different perspective around the harbour and islands, seeing where rich and famous celebrities live. What are great way to explore Miami and by the end of the tour, you depart with full knowledge of this city.

tour bus
Tour bus
Boat cruise around Miami


Knowing Miami, with thousands of “must-do” activities and attractions, a visit to the Everglades National Park is absolutely an amazing experience. This is one of the country’s most unique ecosystems that consists of swamps, sub-tropical jungles and flooded wetlands which makes it a perfect home to crocodiles, manatees and Florida panthers. Yes, the most fun and better way to experience the Everglades is by an airboat ride. What a thrill it is.

Miami Beach

Apart from its world-class nightlife, mixer of best restaurants and unending shopping opportunities and in the heart of the Miami’s famous South Beach is Lummus Park Beach, an urban park in the middle of all the action. Right on the Atlantic Ocean, Lummus Park Beach is an iconic spot that has been featured in countless films, television shows and music videos. This place is the ideal place to start or end a walking tour of the top attractions in Miami, and it is just steps away from wonderful bars, restaurants, shops and even Art Deco architecture. This beach with its crystal clear blue water and the white sandy beaches is a must-see for any Miami visitor, even the locals can’t get enough of it. This long stretch of beautiful beach that goes for miles and miles away is just stunning and doesn’t get old.

Bayfront Park

A visit to this park is a must for any Miami visitor. Bayfront Park is a green urban park right in the very centre of Downtown Miami where it boarders the waters of Biscayne Bay. Whilst there I set off on an unbelievably scenic walk right by the blue waters and the views were amazing when looking back at the sea and the buildings. I just couldn’t get lucky enough to enjoy this place. It is home to a wide range of events and performances and a flying trapeze school. It is a gorgeous spot to hang-out and appreciate the area more 

After spending a week in Miami, I went away without being disappointed. I began to realise how this city offers so many attractions for everyone from family to solo travellers. There is so much to see and enjoy and spending a week in Miami and for anyone isn’t enough to thoroughly explore this dream destination. I now can see why it is known as the capital of the world-class nightlife apart from its surreal beautiful white sandy beaches and attractions.

From a personal perspective: As we travel to many destinations, we tend to become picky on every places we visit. Wether, we become picky depends on our needs of satisfaction which varies. Either, we like the area because of the friendly people, beautiful attractions ranging from man-made to natural, cheap and value for money destination, vibrant nightlife and good eating spots, just simply a safe place to visit or maybe combination of all of the above. Whatever it maybe but we all need to travel to experience this.

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