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Saying to “NO” to blaming each other is the key to having a enjoyable holiday

By i.c. Golina

When it comes to taking the first step in planning your dream trip, it may sound easy and exciting but we are tasked with getting things done and mind you there is so much to keep track of. The hardest part is figuring out and organising What needs to be packed, considering your preferences for a aisle or window seat. Also, most importantly is what things need to be done before the trip and what things need to take on the trip. Fixing all this will ease your mind before and during your dream holiday. The key to dream holiday is to be full of fun and excitement and NOT blaming each other.

There are lots of questions, doubts and uncertainty that are circulating in our head which can lead to severe stress and worry. However, the best thing is to do whatever you got to do to get that trip planned. Do a lot of research and checklist. Luckily, this burden can be eliminated and give this burden to a checklist – Tips on Travel whether for business or personal, they’re always there for you and wherever you are.

Tips on Travel

Save this trip plan so you can later customize it and take it on your upcoming trip


    From a personal perspective: Though, we may class ourselves as experienced travellers, campers, hikers, fishermen or any field of experience, we still make mistakes, forget things and blame at least someone. To enjoy travelling and having a great time, forget the small stuff.

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