Hunter Valley Region

Hunter Valley Gardens located in the Hunter Valley Region is one of the most beautiful gardens I ever came across in Australia and probably the BEST I ever seen. This place has the flavours of the gardens around the world.

A Garden of Eden experience

Just within an hours drive from the city of Newcastle is the Hunter Valley Gardens. Located in the Hunter Region, also commonly known as the Hunter Valley, is a region of New South Wales (NSW), Australia. It contains the Hunter River and its tributaries with highland areas to the north and south. The Hunter Valley is one of the largest river valleys on the NSW coast, and is most commonly known for its wineries and coal industry.

Most of the population of the Hunter Region lives within 25 kilometres of the coast, with 55% of the entire population living in the cities of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. There are numerous other towns and villages scattered across the region that make up the region. Hunter Valley is a major tourist destination in New South Wales and is the 6th most visited place in Australia attracting more than 2.5 million people each year.

With its famous wineries and other attractions, the Hunter Valley Region is undoubtedly one of the fascinating destination in New South Wales and probably in Australia. This is a place ranging from beautiful gardens to wineries intwined together for visitors to enjoy. One of the major drawcard for the visitors to the region is the Hunter Valley Gardens.

View of the Garden outside

Just within 125 kilometres from the city of Newcastle to Hunter Region is the Hunter Valley Gardens. This place is absolutely a gem for garden lovers. It is definitely a “Garden of Eden” on earth and you will be totally blown away as you enter the gate and even before you go through the garden entrance. Located in the town of Pokolbin, this garden has more than 60 acres of land that display its design to showcase various vibrant colours and fragrances. This is why millions of visitors come to this region each year.

Features of various parts of the garden

This is one of the most beautiful gardens I ever come across in Australia. I love spending a lot of my time here and I keep going back and never get tired of it. This garden is also located in the area where some of the New South Wales best winery is produced – Hunter Valley Wineries. This place is absolutely beautiful and it is hard to drive pass. One of the reason why this garden is so unique is, its location and the surroundings. It is situated away from the main city area and further out into the open space countryside which looks more in its natural state. With no high rise buildings or residential areas in the area makes it unique – a sense of place with a natural feeling. I have found this place to be so peaceful, relaxing and very enticing.

Variety of plants shaped

As you take your time to walk around this amazing and beautifully designed garden, you will notice many designs and landscapes. The topography of the area has many different features. As you visit the place, you have this imaginary thought that you’re walking in the gardens parks of London, China or Japan. There are few featured gardens, each have been individually planned and planted to create a stunning view and experience for its visitors to enjoy. Some of the names or features include: Sunken Garden, Storybook Garden, Rose Garden, Oriental Garden, The Lakes Walk, Italian Grotto, The Indian Mosaic, and the Formal, Chinese and Border gardens. It also features a huge naturally look-alike waterfall among the beautifully crafted lavish garden surroundings.

Featured Gardens

This beautiful garden creates a fascinating atmosphere for people from all walks of life. For those who are garden lovers or just been close to nature, this will be an ideal place to be. Certain time of the year when all the plants are in their glory, it creates a “Garden of Eden” on earth. Each plants display their array of spectacular colours, shapes, brightness, smell and attractiveness. It certainly blows my mind away, every time I visit this garden of colours. 

Variety of plants displaying its colours

For any travellers thinking of visiting the area, it is wise to look up few websites to check places for accommodations and car rentals which are two major things that you need to plan ahead. From Sydney, it is approximately 3 hours drive and for those who want to travel in style, you can fly. Also, there are many tours from Sydney that run daily to Hunter Region including the wine-tasting tours. It is wise to look up the website below for more information.


From a Personal Perspective: It always fascinates me is the grand design of beautiful gardens, how they come up with innovative landscape design to plant various plants from colours to height. Whether the gardens are designed or in their natural state, they simultaneously shape itself into variety of formation that is presented to us to enjoy.   

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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Garden in Hunter Valley Region”

  1. Kerry Spollen says:

    I’ve driven past it so many times and never realized that it was such a hidden treasure. I’ll call in next time I’m down that way.

    1. i.c. Golina says:

      You have to see it, when you next go there. Amazing place to be.

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