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Nothing can quite prepare you for your first glimpse of the Hunter Valley’s, Hunter Valley Garden. A garden of appreciation and a reflection of relaxation

Hunter Valley in Brief

Just north of Sydney and within less than an hours drive from the city of New Castle is the Hunter Valley Region, also commonly known as the Hunter Valley, is a region of New South Wales (Wales), Australia. The Hunter Valley is one of the largest river valleys on the NSW coast, and is most commonly known for its wineries and coal industry. With its famous wineries and other attractions, the Hunter Valley Region is undoubtedly one of the fascinating destination in New South Wales and probably in Australia. This is a place ranging from beautiful gardens to wineries intwined together for visitors to enjoy. 

Hunter Valley Garden

Why Go?

With laid-back atmosphere, Hunter Region has long been a top destination for travellers craving to visit the northern part of New South Wales. Hunter Valley Gardens located in the Hunter Valley Wine country, is approximately 2 hours north of Sydney and 50 minutes from the city of Newcastle. In the Historic district of Pokolbin, Hunter Valley Garden is nestled amongst the foothills of the Brokenback Ranges in the heart of the Hunter vineyards. It is one of the major drawcard for the visitors to the Hunter Region. Tucked away from the major city centre and further away into the open space countryside makes it one of the most beautiful gardens in Australia and probably the BEST. This place has the flavours of the gardens around the world and is an absolute gem for garden lovers, a “Garden of Eden” on earth.

Lake inside the garden

Such a garden with vast array of flora, meticulously manicured accordingly spreads out over 60 acres with 10 different styles of gardens and many other features and statues. It creates a magical feeling, even before I made my way through the front entrance of the garden. I could see and feel how beautiful this garden is and it is truly a nature wonderland for both young and old. Feeling like a child again, I wondered off discovering the multitudes of vibrant colours and fragrances these gardens offer. One of the reason why Hunter Valley Gardens is such a magical place is because this place is blessed with an immensely vast array of flowers, trees and plants. I could feel the vibe that I was in a different world surrounded by never ending blooming of variety of exotic flowers and plants. When most people think of Hunter Valley, they immediately think of wineries and are perhaps unaware that Hunter Valley is also the home to this most varied beautiful garden.

Some of the flowers in the garden

As I wondered around this amazing and beautifully designed garden, I began to notice the beauty of the creation of this garden structure, layout, design and landscapes. The topography of the area has many different features that wanna keeps me coming back the following day. Every pathway lead to something different and curiously kept me going on exploring more of the garden. With over 25 hectares of international display gardens, gave me the imaginary thought that I was walking in the gardens parks around the world without leaving the state – London, China, Japan, Italy and India to name but a few. These variety of featured gardens, which each have been carefully planned and planted to create a stunning view and experience for its visitors to enjoy. These theme gardens includes – Formal, waterfall in Sunken Garden, Rose Garden, the elegant Oriental Garden, The Lakes Walk, Italian Grotto, Indian Mosaic, and the Formal, Chinese, Border gardens and the kids favourite – Storybook Garden. 

Some of the Garden pathways

Some of the featured Gardens

Some shaped Gardens

The beauty of visiting this 60 acres of flowers, trees and shrubs in the Hunter Valley Gardens, it doesn’t matter what time of the year you visit the garden, there is always something new and exciting to see.

Getting there?

Getting to Hunter Region can be accessible from all directions by air, rail and road. Light aircraft planes fly direct to Hunter region from Sydney. Also, commercial aircrafts fly direct to Williamstown from Brisbane and other major cities. Train trips from Sydney to Maitland operates on daily basis, where you can hire a car and visit the Hunter Valley Garden and the region. For those who dare to be adventurous, taking a self-drive road trip from Sydney heading north is popular among tourists. Along the way, you can visit some of the famous towns and tourist attractions. 

Where to stay?

Hunter Valley Gardens also features two styles of accommodation, which makes it a perfect destination for a weekend escape but there are various types of accommodations in the area to suit all budget ranging from resorts, holiday houses, units, cottages, apartments, B&Bs and camping nearby. Also, the town offers a range of properties throughout the region to fit most holiday styles and budgets.

Popular Attractions

This area is home to many iconic wineries in Australia. Driving around in this area is possible if you have the time and want to see more of the area on your visit. To fully enjoy your stay in this area and to make the most of the region’s attractions, I’d recommend staying right in the main centre Pokolbin town which is central and short distance drive to Hunter Valley Garden, vineyards and the cheese factory. This way you don’t have to fight the traffic from locals on their daily commute and you get to sample the beautiful countryside. Undoubtedly, this is where the true heart of the area shines.

I recommend to start your holiday in Pokolbin area, which is a great place to start your holiday if you’re planning to explore more of the area .

Exploring the area

It is entirely possible to get around and visit many attractions and places in this area. There are no public transport in the area. However, my recommendation would be to hire a car or do a self-drive tour and explore the area on your own time. Driving in this area is straightforward as long as you keep your wits about you and don’t mind the locals who drive much faster than wary tourists. When visiting new areas, be aware of no-drive zones and one-way streets. Sometimes, you will save yourself a few headaches when it comes to parking or driving around places to locate the area, it is best to go on a tour and get away with less stress.

This is one of the most beautiful gardens I ever come across and I love spending a lot of my time here. I keep going back, it excites me every time. I have found this place to be so peaceful, relaxing and very enticing. This beautiful garden creates a fascinating atmosphere, an ideal place to be close to nature. When all the plants are in their glory, it creates a “Garden of Eden” on earth, displaying their array of spectacular colours, shapes, brightness, smell and attractiveness. 

For any travellers thinking of visiting the area, it is wise to look up few websites to check places for accommodations and car rentals which are two major things that you need to plan ahead. From Sydney, it is approximately 2 hours drive and for those who want to travel in style, direct flights on light aircrafts are available. Hunter Valley wine tours from Sydney run daily and visit to the Hunter Valley Gardens is included in the itinerary. It is wise to look up the website below for more information.



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  1. I’ve driven past it so many times and never realized that it was such a hidden treasure. I’ll call in next time I’m down that way.

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