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Lunch Day out to Thala Lodge

Just a short drive out of Cairns is the Thala Lodge. It is a eco-friendly accommodation on the hill-side over-looking the scenic beach drive from Cairns to Port Douglas.

By i.c Golina

It is very unusual for me to take a break from all my daily chores at home during my days off from work but I am immune to social activities whenever I am invited. It was just before before 11am that I completed what I had to do and had to meet few friends for lunch at Thala-Lodge which is half-way from Cairns to Port Douglas. The drive from Cairns to Thala-lodge is a scenic drive along the coastline which is absolutely breathtaking. The best time to go for drive in this scenic road is early morning or just before 12 noon as the sun is still making it way to the east. I decided to go earlier to capture the sunrise as it creates a picture perfect with its glittering arrays of colors that spread across the sea, mountains, beaches and coastline. It is a great picture opportunity for anyone that is a keen photography.

It wasn’t long before I made my way into the entrance of the lodge. Thala-lodge is renowned for it’s five-star Eco-friendly lodge and is a must for anyone want to experience this tranquil environment on the beautiful seaside which overlooks out to the ocean as far as the eye can see.

After we had our wonderful lunch, we headed to the lounge style sitting area which overlooks over the sea back towards double island just off Palm Cove and the back-drop of MacAlister range creates a pristine environment for relaxing and enjoying every moment.

Having coffee at Thala Lodge

As we enjoyed our coffee with cakes and more drinks to follow, we then started to carry our conversation towards values and beliefs. I strongly believe that values and beliefs creates who we are and how we make each decisions in our lives. It is the fact that our early childhood experiences begins to form the core beliefs and values that influences the way we judge ourselves, others and the world around us. As I refresh on my childhood past, I began to recognize the differences and the decisions that I made which defines in my upbringing. Many times, when we make decisions, we are faced with so many unwelcome alternatives because of the consequences that may follow.

Making decisions from a personal perspective is easily defined than making decisions in a work environment where you are faced with a dilemma. This is where our expectations are based around ethical conduct and personal responsibility. These situations where we are brought face to face with a conflict between our personal values and core beliefs and the values of the organisations, we need to be aware that there are guidelines or code of ethics to follow. Sometimes there are situations where we act according to, making decisions or practice in a manner that safeguards our privacy, others or the organisation and at the same time treating others with respect and dignity. According to Michelle Obama and I quote:

You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.

As we make decisions not based on fear and the negative consequences creates a effective decision making model for every individual based on our own values and beliefs. At the same time, we need to be aware that we will always be faced with situations where there is a clash of competing values, such as personal values and organisation values. We need to engage with consistent professional standards of conduct that shows no fear then we are more likely to interact genuinely and credibly with everyone around us or people, clients that we come in contact with.

As we got deeper into our conversation, it was profoundly clear to me that everyone has different views as we humans are social beings created with competing views, ideologies and most of all, our different values and beliefs but at times are compatible but not comparable. I found this very fascinating on how we make decisions when we are faced with a dilemma whether it is just a self-decision or of profession.

From a personal perspective: Though we live in a world  or society where each individual have different values and core beliefs, we need to be aware that at times this values and beliefs maybe compatible not not comparable. This does creates a uniqueness of each person. I always wonder, if each person live in a world where there is no competitiveness, would we live in a better world?


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