I couldn’t be any prouder to say I’m from a Small Town – Ravenshoe

It is something that I always find fascinating about small country towns. I am a great fan of visiting small country towns and whenever I have time I find myself indulging in the country environment. It is not surprising that each small country towns have their own characters, either it is the feature of the old buildings, topography of the town or simply the character of the locals on the streets, shops, the dress code (country style) or in the old pubs. The proud part of living in Far North Queensland – the city of Cairns, you are just a short drive away from the city and you find yourself in the middle of small towns in Atherton Tablelands. One of the best welcoming feeling that I always feel when visiting these small towns, everyone is so friendly and the moment you walk into shops or along the streets, they all greet with you a smile and you can’t get away with a small chat. Been brought up in a city lifestyle environment, I always thought that country customer service is not existence. It is something you automatically comes to your mind because country people have less contact with different people from all walks of life compared to what we encounter in our daily life when living in the city. I must say “Country people are proud of where they come from” and you will find small country towns are prettier too. This was no exception that I decided to have a hair cut in a small town in Ravenshoe where hair groom for men is not a priority. With curiosity, I entered this old small building without any major marketing billboards stating where the business is. I was a little envy about having my hair cut there and I was not sure about the service I was going to receive. As I entered into this small door, I was greeted by this young little girl named – Lara, at the counter. I told her that I wanted a haircut that will make me look presentable but to them, she just laughed and replied in a country style accent – “It’s all good”. As I was guided to my chair for the haircut, a young mature lady came and introduced herself and started clipping my hair. As I began to chat with her, she mentioned that this little girl owns the business and she works for her – Mother and daughter – “Selara’s Barber Shop”. I was so amazed how well they both went about treating every customer who comes in for haircut. To have this style of customer service, you receive in a small country town, is beyond my expectation. Sometimes, I am too cynical about customer service in small country towns but it is a wake-up call for me or for anyone. All the service they provided was just $20.
Little Lara, her mother and kid
Chop chop begins
Lara massages my head
Lara finishes off the final touches
Lara, finally gives the shoulder and back massage to complete the whole-package of haircut visit
  From a personal perspective: Let us be aware that, providing customer service whether in the city or country towns in any given business – Customer Care should be the number one priority. They certainly show, this is what service is like in the country. Also, at the same time, we must not be too carried away from our own comfort city life-style and undermine the service and hospitality that country provides.      

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